SOLETIC. The Solution Is Human.

SOLETIC, a design firm created in 2012 that specializes in process engineering, develops innovative technological solutions for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Our main activities focus on R&D, innovation enhancement, patent license granting, consulting and support.

R&D in service of Humanity.

SOLETIC is the result of the DOSEMETIQUE project, started in 2008 by David Lecas, an engineer who worked in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. After 4 years of R&D and preliminary studies, the company was created in 2012. In 2015, it signed its first contract with a large international group.


Today, SOLETIC has set out to find new challenges by bringing its expertise to a wide range of activities:


Implementation and integration of the DOSEMETIQUE process
in compliance with the brand’s specifications


Commercial licensing grants
to offer a competitive advantage in key markets


Project engineering services,
consulting and support

means, first of all, expertise.


10 years of laboratory equipment design and international marketing.

it’s also means a network of professionals.


A core group of experts in a dynamic ecosystem.

above all, it means commitment.


To authenticity and truth.

Intelligence in service of freedom.

SOLETIC also stands for the shared conviction of its creators that every product must be adaptable to the needs and preferences of its user.


The solutions developed by SOLETIC reduce the distance between the product’s manufacturing and its user. These solutions offer users the freedom to build the final product in their own image.

The associates.


Founding Manager & President

In 2005, David Lecas, an engineer in the pharmaceutical-cosmetic industry, dreamed that one day each person could finally have the tailor-made treatment that suits them.


Designing custom care products that break through industry-imposed constraints while still satisfying all regulatory requirements was the goal that led to the development of Dosemétique® and gave rise to the company SOLETIC in 2012.


David Lecas has more than 10 years of international experience as a commercial executive and a project manager for cosmetic and pharmaceutical laboratory equipment development. His main fields of expertise are process engineering, agitation technologies and health safety.


Partner & Marketing Director

Vincent Chevrier came from a science background while also earning two masters degrees in marketing and health economics. After first working as a marketing consultant in the field of healthcare, in 2010 he took the position of business manager for Emergence, an incubator in Le Mans, France. It was there that he met David Lecas who was the head of the incubated project SOLETIC.


Genuinely impressed by David Lecas’ POC presentation, Vincent immediately realized the potential of the Dosemétique innovation.


The situation worked out where he could join the team of SOLETIC partners in 2013.


Associé & Conseiller scientifique

“The cosmetic experience combines everything: pleasure, wellbeing, effectiveness, safety. For that you need ideas, common sense, research and discipline.”


Karl LINTNER has a PhD in biochemistry and is an internationally recognized expert in active cosmetic ingredients, such as petides, cermides and other innovative substances coming from plants, ocean matter and biotechnology.


In 2011, as an active member and scientific advisor in Cosmetic Valley, he met David Lecas and learned about his project Dosmétique. Excited by the innovation, he decided to join the team in 2013.


Acting as a genuine scientific safeguard, Karl fulfills the roll of independent advisor at each stage of development for this concept by providing technical ideas, regulatory opinions as well as contacts from his network.

The partner organisations.

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